Photography © Jake Pickle
2015 | All rights reserved.

Mountain Dew | XBox One

The launch of XBox One was poised to be the biggest in gaming history. To break through the noise, Mountain Dew and Doritos needed a promotion unlike anything done before. Introducing Every2Minutes. This is the :10 tag for the original XBox One launch spot. The goal, to drive traffic online to the Every2Minutes promotion pitting users head to head in thousands of online auctions.

Before any programatic assets had been created, my job was to concept and story board the call to action. We weren’t sure if we would get our hands on in-game footage or if we would need to create something completely from scratch. I took key art and started designing a scenario that that was flexible for an 2.5D approach and could be adapted to in-game footage. We had a lot to communicate in 10 seconds. We merged game footage with custom liquid sims, wrote and recorded the VO, and sweetened with sound design.

The overall program took Bronze in the 2014 IAB MIXX Awards in the Cross-Media Integration category.

Role: Motion Design, Art Direction