Photography © Jake Pickle
2015 | All rights reserved.

Kickstart Launch

We helped unleash the most successful Pepsi product launch in recent history.

To launch its epic new morning-focused extension, Kickstart, Mountain Dew tapped us for an integrated campaign that hit everything from a 1,500-stop grassroots activation, to celebrity partnerships with ESPN and the stars of Mike & Mike in the Morning, to point-of-sale displays, to dope digital video and brand photo asset creation.

There were several elements we needed to create for this campaign. I was responsible for directing the shoot with Mike and Mike, capturing testimonials from tasters in downtown Denver, the slopes at A-Basin, and around Brooklyn, NY. We cast morning commuters, b-ball players, skate kids, gear-heads, and a street artist for the photo shoot. I took off my AD hat and put on my PHOTOGRAPHER hat shooting the stills and directing the video content shot simultaneously. Then, back in the studio, I created boards and directed the production of the video content.

Role: Motion Design, Art Direction, Content, Photography.