Photography © Jake Pickle
2015 | All rights reserved.

Art Therapy

I’ve been slowing things down, going back to the basics, and ultimately starting over as an artist.

As a visual designer, I’ve made a career blurring the words of art and design together. I learned how to make things that were visually appealing while serving a strategic purpose. Everything always had to serve a purpose.

There is a wonderful Donald Judd quote: “Design has to work. Art does not.” Art can just be—it doesn’t really have to do anything—while design will have to function. – Sagmeister (quote within a quote)

A good 10 years or so have gone by since the last time I pushed around some oil paint. Painting with oils, for me, is going back to the beginning when nothing mattered; to make art simply for the sake of making art.

The funny thing (to me) is how everything in the world seems to have meaning. Even when something is created with no meaning at all; some random person, with no instruction to do so, will assign even the slightest dose of meaning to said “thing” created. That’s what we do. This is the unintentional magic that strings communication together often times breaking down communication altogether. This magic also connects viewer to art. Some get it. Some don’t, and that’s alright. But for me, I’m tired of always designing with purpose… I simply want to create for the sake of creating. This is my desert. My personal pleasure. Art therapy if you will. The funny thing is how this process makes me a better designer, photographer, and all around creative where my art has to work.

6x6in. oil on canvas alla prima – Portrait of my buddy Garrett while on a surf trip in Baja.